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C'est la Vie Restaurant Hosting LITTLE WOMEN: LA Season 7, November 30th Laguna Beach Restaurant

LITTLE WOMEN: LA Season 7, to be filmed on November 30th at C'est la Vie Laguna Beach French Restaurant .

Last season, Little Women: LA premiered to almost a half a million viewers within the key demographic - Adults Ages 25-54. Across all demographics in total - the premiere was over a million viewers total.

Little Women: LA is geared up and jumping right into Season 7 of the hit series. As the tentpole for what is now a major Lifetime franchise, the series has paved the way for others to share their stories and take viewers along for the ride as they encounter the many obstacles that they work to overcome. The LA cast has certainly had their ups and downs as navigating life under the reality tv spotlight is not always easy. Through their friendships, relationships - that may often turn rocky - and the support of one another, they continue to thrive as they put their lives on display for the enjoyment and education of others. The 7th Season of this hit series will continue to demonstrate how viewers have become fans and fans have become family. And theses ladies are not stopping any time soon!

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