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C'est la vie Restaurant and Bakery sponsored Eric Burdon and the Animals concert at Laguna Beach

On Dec. 2, Eric Burdon and the Animals played the KXMAS benefit show. C'est la vie restaurant and bakery the dessert part of the VIP party and completely ran out of their signature French Macarons. The Animals were part of the 1960s' British Invasion, and Burdon has since collaborated with Ringo Starr, Billy Preston and Jimmy Hendrux, among many others. C'est la vie Bakery offered multiple savory macarons to include salted caramel stuffed with Brie, figs and honey. Pistachio Macarons stuffed with caprese cheese, basil leaves and sweet heirloom tomatoes with a twist of balsamic glaze. Also, Raspberry lavender macaron's stuffed with goat cheese, beets and Dijon mustard dressing. But there were not enough to feed every one. " we completely ran out screamed chef "Macaron Man" restaurateur Antonio Mecheri. Macarons can be sampled and bought in laguna beach at C'est la vie restaurant and bakery. Im sure Mr. Burdon enjoyed the VIP party and the savoury French Macarons by C'est la vie and we are sure that we will shiping a box or two for the holidays!

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